National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was founded and named as “Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture” in May 1954. It offers a three-year program of baccalaureate degrees to candidate. In March 1964, the school was renamed as “Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Institute of Agriculture”. While becoming national instead of provincial, the school name was changed to include "National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture" in July 1981. In 1989, they moved to Neipu from Pingtung suburb, which covered an area of 283 hectares, and renamed again as "National Pingtung Institute of Polytechnic” in July 1991. Finally it became "National Pingtung University of Science and Technology" in August 1997. We have been the most important in academics in southern Taiwan with deep develop potential.


Accounting office specified number of personnel establishment
Accountant is appointed and dismissed, directly by the central institution and the controlling organization of the Ministry of Education. He supervises the institution with some senior officials, including 1 director (Assistant Grade ninth to second grade government official ten), 2 group leaders (Assistant Grade seventh to eighth), 1 special commissioner (Assistant Grade seventh to eighth), and a group of 6 person (Appoints fifth to Assistant Grade seventh), which makes a total of 10. To assist the accountant, 4 administrative assistants are introduced. Those accountants divide 2 groups one is year's accounting, and the other is accounting. The year's accounts, accountant, and the statistical service are processed by those two groups.


Law basis and mission
Accountant execution of the service should rest on higher authorities to proclaim the law rules, the school interior single line rules and regulations truly carry out. By the same taken: The national university campus school service fund establishment rule, the national university campus school service fund management and the surveillance means, budgeting law , accountancy law, final accounting law, audit law ,central attached unit budget implementation main point grades, for the school service up to the school to subscribe decides the internal single line rules and regulations to hold the truly execution, the coordinate school service development plan to practice the school service, completely achievement the school administration goal.


Hopes the scenery
Computer information equipment achieved function of goal the fast service, the correct service, and academically coordinates the school research, in order to cultivate the talented person, promote culture, serve society and promote national development etc…