Accounting Office

The Accounting office consists of 1 director, 2 group leaders, 2 special commissioner, a group of 5 people, 6 administrative assistants , which makes up a total of about 16. The accountants are divided into 2 sections, one is focused on this year’s accounting and the other is focused on all other accounting. The year's accounts, accounting, and the statistical services are processed by the two groups.

Our school has co-operated with the national universities of budget settlement with the Ministry of Education since 1998. We have been drawing up the budget of school funds and organizing relations for the budget of school funds. Our office draws up the developments of the school's budget, promoting the idea of financial management for our school staffs actively, emphasizing cost benefits and using limited resources efficiently. Adhering enthusiastically to the University Affairs Development Plan, the office is aimed at achieving the administrative goals of the school.

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